The Best Way to Answer Common Interview Questions

The Best Way to Answer Interview Questions

The Best Way to Answer Common Interview Questions

The famous “Tell me about yourself” question

This is something you should practice and perfect. It’s the basic introduction of who you are and what you are looking for in a job. It will form the basis of your introductory message when networking, and your opening statement in telephone contacts with employers.

Here are some pointers on how to keep the messaging on-target and focused.


  • Don’t give your life story.
  • Give a very brief overview which includes education, previous job titles, responsibilities and achievements. Target your response to the audience or contact with whom you are speaking, and the position for which you are applying.


What did you most enjoy about your last job?

  • “I was able to set goals and find effective ways to achieve them, using limited resources.”
  • “I was able to use my analytical skills to implement corrective methods at a critical stage of the project.”
  • “I developed a new approach to process improvement which became a standard for the company.”


How would your colleagues or supervisor describe you?

  • “I have been described as a dependable and trust-worthy worker.”
  • “I was able to take on a task through from inception to completion with excellent results.”
  • “I have a knack for finding useful demographic information about our customers’ buying habits.”

What can you offer us that other people cannot?

  • “I have a track record of identifying little-known investments that produce a great yield.”
  • “I am familiar with legal loopholes and parameters that affect client’s finances.”
  • “I am a certified professional with many years of experience finding unique ways to solve financial problems.”
  • “I require very little supervision and produce great results.”


What about this job attracts you?

  • “I am able to use my knowledge in market research to develop strategies that will give your company an advantage in the marketplace.”
  • “I share the same values as your company, and strongly believe in your corporate mission and vision.”
  • “I am comfortable in a small business environment as in a large one.”




How long do you see yourself with us?

  • “I see myself here as long as I am making a valuable contribution to the company.”
  • “I see myself here for the long run providing expertise, guidance and leadership to take the company top the next level.


How would you describe an ideal working environment?

  • “An environment that proactively looks at solving problems in a team approach”.

“A marketing support team that can assist the outside sales force with customer and product information that will help them close more business and lend help to customers when needed on a timely basis.”